Alumnus and President of the CPAFFC Lin Songtian visits FNU


On August 15th, Lin Songtian, president of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and alumnus of the Class of 1982 of FNU, visited FNU, accompanied by Pan Yuteng, secretary of FNU Party Committee, Chen Xiaohong, deputy secretary, heads of relevant functional departments, and College of foreign languages, and representatives of teachers and students of the college. They had a seminar.

Pan Yuteng extended a warm welcome to President Lin Songtian's visit, and introduced in detail the main situation of the school's reform and development in recent years, as well as its role in giving full play to the advantages of disciplines, culture and location, actively integrating into and actively serving the diplomacy of the country. He hoped that the alumnus Lin Songtian will continue to care about and support the construction and development of his alma mater, take advantage of his diplomatic front work experience, and guide the relevant disciplines of the school to further improve the ability and level of advising the government on policy-making. Pan Yuteng and Chen Xiaohong presented alumni cultural and creative products to President Lin Songtian, and introduced the work related to the 115th anniversary of the founding of FNU.

Lin Songtian fondly recalled the wonderful college days spent on the Chang'an Mountain, expressed his heartfelt thanks to his alma mater and his teachers for their careful cultivation, and was proud of the outstanding achievements in the construction and development of his alma mater. He talked about his experience and insights based on his personal growth experience, hoping that FNU will give full play to its unique advantages, and make new and greater contributions to the diplomatic work of our country in the new era. He also gave his best wishes to FNU for the 115th anniversary of the founding, and sincerely hoped that FNU will make new achievements in the future.

After the seminar, Lin also visited the Chang'an Mountain Park, the Art District and the former site of the South China women's College on Cangshan campus.



(Translated by Liu Wenjin/Reveiewed by Xie xiujuan)


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