FNU Hosts the First China-Japan Forum on Geriatric Health and Medical Development in 2022


The forum, co-hosted by FNU and Kobe University, jointly undertaken by FNU Biomedical Research Center of South China and College of Life Sciences of FNU, and co-organized by Yoshida Hospital and Fuzhou Guode Hospital, was held on August 12 both online and offline. Li Tianran, chairman of the forum and economic and social development advisor to Fujian Provincial Government, Chen Qinghua, vice president of FNU, experts and scholars from home and abroad, and staff and student representatives from College of Life Sciences and FNU Biomedical Research Center of South China attended the event. Li Tianran and Chen Qinghua delivered a speech respectively.

At the forum, the nine experts and scholars, Professor Han Zhongchao, member of the French National Academy of Technology, Professor Nakamura Rumi from Graduate School of Health Sciences and Professor Luo Zhiwei from Graduate School of System Informatics of Kobe University, Doctor Yoshida Kenyo, president of Yoshida General Hospital, and Doctor Dong Faming, an international medical consultant, Doctor Lin Xin from School of Medicine of Tsinghua University, Professor Gu Zhongze, director of the State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics of Southeast University, Professor Zhang Jie of School of Medicine of Xiamen University, and Professor Chen Qi from FNU Biomedical Research Center of South China, made wonderful academic presentations. The experts and scholars present discussed in depth the health and medical problems brought by the aging society, and the possibilities and development directions of the application of digital technology, artificial intelligence, immunity and gene therapy in the fields of geriatric health and medicine.



(Translated by Huang Min/Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)



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